Hybrid operation on complex cerebrovascular diseases reached world advanced level

 Relied on DSA and neuromultimodal imaging techniques and strengthened the combination of microsurgery and interventional treatment, the hybrid operation was established in Beijing Tiantan Hospital by the team of the director of the National Clinical Research Center for Neurological Diseases, Professor Zhao Jizong and professor Wang Shuo. Techniques in hybrid operation and interventional treatment were largely innovated and modified, including improving interventional transvenous embolization, improving aneurysm clipping and shaping technique assisted with endovascular ballooning occlusion, innovating on microsurgery combined with precise interventional embolization and innovating on microsurgical resection combined with interventional embolization in situ to protect brain function. From January 2016 to November 2018, 558 cases were performed hybrid operation and received favorable clinical outcomes. Adapting to the developmental trend of discipline integration, professor Zhao Jizong, Wang Shuo and colleagues proposed conception of ‘Simultaneous Treatment of Brain and Heart’ and set a precedent for treating brain and heart diseases together. The team also responded positively to the Beijing Municipal Administration of Hospitals and promoted the construction of medical system.