Central Brain Bank

In response to the call of China Brain Project in the future, and in order to solve the problems caused by brain diseases to human beings, the National Clinical Research Centre for Neurological Diseases, Beijing Tiantan Hospital, Capital Medical University set up human brain bank department (abbreviation: Central Brain Bank).  It is one of 16 departments in the centre. It is hospital based with 43 hospitals alliance across China and most of them within JingJingJi region. It contains four programs: brain tissue donation program, brain only as well as body autopsy program, research program using brain tissues, as well as brain & tissue bank management program for tissues & data sharing.  It provides standarised operational protocol in hospital system for human brain banking. Its mission is to enhance clinical diagnosis accuracy, bridge clinical-basic-clinical neuroscience transmission and translation, and promote precision medicine by studies on clinical informative brain tissue per se. Its ultimate goal is to provide scientific evidences to cure the currently uncurable neurological disorders.

Yue Huang, MD, Ph.D
Director of Central Brain Bank, NCRC-ND
Neurologist, Neuropathologist, Professor, Beijing Tiantan Hospital, Capital Medical University, China

Central Brain Bank Group Photo