Center for Precision Medicine Multi-Omics Research

Starting with disease and clinical problems, frontier technologies are utilized, including multiple state-of-the art omics (functional genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics and metabolomics) and artificial intelligence data analysis approaches, and combined with rigorous basic chemistry, biology researches to develop accurate biomarkers for disease early diagnosis, pathological classification, physical and biological mechanisms, leading to the promotion of disease prevention and clinical drug development. 
Taken nervous system diseases as the basic starting point, innovative rigorous scientific methods are established using frontier scientific technologies, for the early diagnosis and precision of classification to neurological diseases. Disease mechanisms are further explored and the prevention and treatment plans are then developed and promoted, finally transferring precision medical technology research to clinical health and diseases application on basis of the health status of Chinese population.
According to international scientific standards, it can be verified and standardized into clinically applicable diagnostic and testing items, so as to effectively accumulate the full molecular spectrum of the disease population, and realize accurate and personalized diagnosis and targeted treatment guided by the molecular mechanism of difficult diseases.

Catherine CL Wong   Director of CPMMR
Professor Catherine CL Wong once worked as an assistant director and head of the Mass Spectrometry Division of the National Center for Protein Sciences, which was affiliated to Chinese Academy of Sciences.