Clinical Trial Center

More and more innovative drugs are being developed in China. As a key step during the research and development of new drugs, clinical pharmacological studies play an important role to bridge the knowledge between preclinical studies and clinical practice. It helps people to determine whether the effects seen in animal models can be translated to human, as well as the translation between healthy volunteers and target patient population. The development of new drugs acting on the central nervous system is still difficult, because of the unknown pathophysiology of many neurological diseases, the existence of the blood-brain barrier, and the large inter-subject variability of subjectively assessed drug effects. In order to address these difficulties, the Clinical Trial Center plans to incorporate advanced technologies, such as cerebrospinal fluid pharmacokinetics, isotope drug imaging, functional imaging, and neuro-electro-physiological assessments into clinical pharmacological studies, and to use electronical data management system to collect multidimensional information on one subject. As such, we hope to reinforce the quality of early clinical trials and improve the efficiency of drug development.

Xia Chen, Department Director
MD and PhD, Associate Professor

Team of Clinical Trial Center