Department of Project Management

The department undertakes clinical research projects on diseases of nervous system projects, provides internationally standardized project management models, complies with the national GCP requirements, and is equipped with specialized division of labor teams, including project coordinators, quality control personnel, IT information personnel, financial personnel, and logistics. The project management department connected to PI, followed by national multi-center researchers and cross-project technical service companies. The project management department is an important support for ensuring that the project receives internationally recognized clinical research data and forms evidence-based medical evidence.
At present,The department undertakes 41 national major projects in neurology, neurosurgery, anesthesiology and oral cavity, and more than 20 large-scale horizontal studies.
Main responsibilities of the department: Organizing and running national major clinical research projects and researchers to launch large-scale clinical research projects; providing international standardized project management mode; formulating clinical research operation procedures; coordinating nearly 1,000 clinical research network bases nationwide, and more than 200 CRCs nationwide Training and assessment work.

Xia Meng, Department Director
M.D, Associate professor, Associate chief physician,. She is mainly responsible for the operation and organization management of major projects of the Center.

Team of project Management