BioBank of Clinical Resource

Tiantan BioBank of Clinical Resource is a management platform integrating clinical datas and biological samples. It aims to realize the effective integration, management and sharing of clinical research resources. As an important support platform for neuroscience research, it runs based on standardized management mechanism, strict quality control system and ultra-low temperature storage equipment. The samples that were storaged were collected from more than 95,000 cases in multiple centers nationwide, and the sample types include serum, plasma, nucleic acid, urine and some tissue. It is one of the largest biobank of neurological diseases in the world. The research results have been published in JAMA, Neurology, Stroke and other academic journals.

Jinxi Lin, Department Director
PhD, Neurology. She is engaged in the study of cerebrovascular disease, responsible for the management and application of biological sample resources for multicenter clinical research projects

Team of BioBank