The Department of Medical Quality Research

Research direction is focusing on the third phase of translational medicine:
1. Using big data technology and based on the real world, comparing the effects of intervention measures and intervention policies on the diagnosis and treatment of cerebrovascular diseases and the outcomes of patients.
2. Evaluate the current situation of medical services for cerebrovascular diseases and carry out research on continuous quality improvement.
3. Carry out the organization medical construction and research of stroke center.
4. Carry out clinical studies such as post-marketing reevaluation of diagnosis and treatment measures for cerebrovascular diseases to provide evidence-based for clinical decision making.
5. Corporate with the China National Clinical Research Center for Neurological Diseases to promote the homogenization and optimization of medical quality, improve patient outcomes, and provide scientific support for national health policies.

Zixiao Li, department head
Associate chief physician, associate professor, postgraduate mentor; Secretary of the center for quality control of National Center Neurological Diseases; Selected into the Beijing Million Talent Project.

Team of department
The department team is composed of permanent staff, contract and external staff. The team has 11 staffs working in the department that including 6 doctorates.