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Principal Investigators

Professor Wei Chen

Prof. Chen conducted his post-doctoral research in USA. He led an advanced research team working on basic research, translational medicine (including high-throughput drug screening, lead optimization, establishment of the animal models of stem cell in regenerative medicine and cancer), and clinical pharmaceutical research, focusing on cell receptors and new drug development. His research fields include brain nerve (stem) cell repair/regenerative medicine and cancer. One drug developed by his team has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration to enter clinical trials in the United States. He found for the first time in the world that a kind of signal transduction protein (beta-arrestin) can regulate the transfer of G-coupled protein receptors and non-G-coupled proteins (Frizzled, Smoothened, TGF beta receptors) between the cell membrane and cytoplasm in unique ways, thus regulating the biological activity of receptors and the growth of (stem) cells. The research results have been published in Science continuously. He won the title of the V. Foundation of the United States and the honor of "Scholar" awarded by American Cancer Society.