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Principal Investigators

Professor Zhongrong Miao

Chief Physician,Doctoral supervisor;Beijing Tiantan Hospital,Capital Medical University,Director of Neurointervention Department;
World Stroke Organization(WSO),Member;
World Federation of Interventional and Therapeutic Neuroradiology, Senior Member;
Beijing clinical research center for cerebrovascular disease, Chief Specialist;
Chinese Stroke Association (CSA),Managing Director;
Chinese Interventional Neuroradiology Society of CSA, Chairman;
Chinese Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Society of CSA, Member of the Standing Committee;
Neurological Diseases Committee of China Anti-Aging Promoting Association, Deputy Director;
Cerebrovascular Disease Division of Gerontological Society of China, Deputy Director;
Stroke Prevention and Control Committee of Chinese Preventive Medicine Association, Leader of the Interventional Therapy Team.