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Principal Investigators

Professor Yumei Zhang

Yumei Zhang, M.D., Professor
Professor Yumei Zhang is a chief physician and doctoral supervisor. She serves as vice director of Rehabilitation Medicine Department, Beijing Tiantan Hospital, Capital Medical University. She also serves as vice chairman of Vascular Cognitive Impairment Branch, Chinese Stroke Association(CSA); vice chairman of Neurological Rehabilitation Branch, Beijing Neurology Association(BNA); standing committee member of Cognitive Impairment Branch, Beijing Neurology Association(BNA); committee member of Neuropsychological and Neurobehavioral Group, Chinese Medical Association; committee member of Beijing Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine and committee member of American Aphasia Association. She mainly engages in the treatment of cerebral vascular disease and neurological rehabilitation. She has been responsible for several national and municipal projects, acquired 4 patents, published 120 articles and compiled several monographs.