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Principal Investigators

Professor Jianguo Zhang

Jianguo Zhang, M.D., Professor
Present director of department of stereotatic and functional neurosurgery, Beijing Tiantan Hospital & Beijing Neurosurgery Institute, Capital Medical University. Chairman of Functional Neurosurgery Committee, Neurosurgery Branch of CMA, director of Beijing Key Laboratory of Neuroelectrical Stimulation Research and Therapy, vice Director of National Key Engineering Laboratory of Neuromodulation, deputy director of Beijing Key Laboratory of epilepsy clinical medicine, honorary director of Functional Neurosurgery Expert Committee. He won the first and second prize of the Beijing Municipal Scientific and Technological Progress Award, the third prize of the Zhonghua Medical Progress Award (2011), and the first prize of MOE technological Award (2015). Dr. Zhang achieved the Title of Scientist for Outstanding Contribution, awarded by Beijing Municipal Government and Deng Feng Personnel Training Plan.