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Principal Investigators

Professor Yazhuo Zhang

Yazhuo Zhang, M.D., Professor
President of Beijing Neurosurgical Institute, director of Center of Brain Tumor, Beijing Institute for Brain Disorders, chairman of the Neuroendoscopic Specialists Committee of Chinese Medical Doctor Association, director of Neuroendoscopic technique training base of National health and Family Planning Commission of the P.R. China, academic dean of neuroendoscopic training school of Chinese Medical Doctor Association, chief editor of the journal of Chinese Neurosurgery. Prof. Zhang has engaged in neurosurgery foundation and clinical research for decades. His main research direction is the development, application and promotion of microinvasive neurosurgical technique (neuroendoscopic); Brain tumor molecular classification and personalized treatment; Basic and clinical research of pituitary adenoma and the development and application of brain function recognition and remodeling technology.