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Principal Investigators

Associate Professor Weiming Liu

Weiming Liu, M.D., Associate Professor
Chief Physician, Associate Professor, Deputy Director of Neurotrauma center. His professional direction is the intervention of neurotrauma and related basic clinical research, such as concussion diagnosis and treatment, comprehensive treatment of chronic subdural hematoma, epidemiological investigation of traumatic brain injury and quality control system about intervention of traumatic brain injury. He is actively promote the concept of evidence-based medicine in the field of neurosurgery and implementation of clinical practice guidelines in a large number of primary hospitals in China. He has several academic positions, including the National Committee of the Chinese Medical Association and the Chinese Medical Doctor Association, as well as vice-chairmen and standing committee members of several Neurotrauma Committee. He hosted and participated in several national-level or provincial (ministerial) research projects. He is editors and reviewers of several academic journals at Domestic and abroad.