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Principal Investigators

Professor Baiyun Liu,MD

Dr. Liu is an expert in head trauma, brain tumors and other neurosurgical diseases. As one of the students of academician Wang Zhongcheng, he engaged in the research of the pathogenesis and clinical treatment of cerebral vasospasm. In 1995, Dr Liu was selected into the Beijing science and Technology New Star Program (third batch) and won the third prize for scientific and technological achievements of Beijing. In 2002, He completed the research on the application of sub-hypothermia therapy to the protection of the central nervous system injury in a key project of the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission. He published more than 140 papers as the first author or communication author and served as chief editor of acute craniocerebral trauma operation and other 6 works. Dr. Liu has been responsible for more than ten national, provincial, bureau level or horizontal cooperative projects, and achieved more than 20 awards and patents.