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Principal Investigators

Associate Professor Zixiao Li

Zixiao Li, MD. PhD, associate professor of Beijing Tiantan Hospital, Capital Medical University. He graduated from Capital Medical University. He is a vascular neurologist focusing on stroke care in clinical practice. He is the vice director of department of vascular neurology, Beijing Tiantan Hospital. He is the member and secretary of National Committee of National Center for Healthcare Management in Neurological diseases. He is a vice president of youth committee of Stroke Care Quality Improvement of Chinese Stroke Association. He is a young editor and reviewer of Stroke. He is a PI of “Thirteen-Five” National Research Plan of Ministry of Science and Technology: He has published over 20 papers including JAMA, BMJ, Neurology and Stroke. He worked as a research fellow in Duke University in 2015 and Massachusetts General Hospital in 2017. He was endowed with Beijing “BaiQianWang” Talent Program.