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Principal Investigators

Professor Qun Wang, MD, PhD

Prof. Qun Wang is a chief physician and doctoral supervisor. He is currently Director of Epilepsy Department, Neurology Center, Beijing Tiantan Hospital Affiliated to Capital Medical University, deputy director of Beijing Key Laboratory of Cerebrovascular Disease Translational Medicine, concurrent professor of Beijing Institute for Brain Disorders. He was introduced as one of senior talents from overseas by Beijing government (“Haiju” Project). Clinical specialties: epilepsy and electroencephalogram, rational use of antiepileptic drugs and preoperative evaluation of intractable epilepsy. He is currently a member of the Epilepsy and EEG Group of the Neurological Society of the Chinese Medical Association, and a member of the Epilepsy Committee of the Neurological Branch of the Chinese Medical Association. He presided over two projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, one major sub-project of the 13th Five-Year Plan of China. He has published over 30 papers which are included in Science Citation Index (SCI).