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Principal Investigators

Professor Yilong Wang, MD, PhD

Professor Yilong Wang is a chief physician and doctoral supervisor. He serves as the assistant to the president, the director of the department of Science and Technology and the ward of neurology center of Beijing Tiantan Hospital affiliated to Capital Medical University. He is also one of the first batch of Changjiang Scholars of the Ministry of Education, young and middle-aged leading talents in science and technology of the Ministry of Science and Technology, and members of the 10,000-person Program of China. He receives a special government subsidy of the State Councial. His main research interests are clinical and transformational studies of cerebrovascular disease and cognitive brain damage. Currently, he serves as the deputy secretary-general of the Innovation Alliance of National Clinical Medical Research, Ministry of Science and Technology. He also serves as the executive director of Youth Council of China Stroke Society. He has published over 90 papers on JAMA, Circulation, Neurology and other journals included in Science Citation Index. One of his studies gained the Second Prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award.