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Principal Investigators

Professor Catherine CL Wong

Professor Catherine CL Wong is proficient in all different kinds of mass spectrometry analysis, various ionization techniques, as well as different separation techniques coupling in mass spectrometry. She has an excellent and all-round team with integrate multi-disciplinary experts, including biologists, clinicians and boinformaticians to carry out large-scale collaboration projects.
She once acted as the Mass spectrometry laboratory manager in the Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) in the period from 2005 to 2013. She is the senior staff scientist at the National Center for Yeast Resource Research and TSRI for physiological proteomics. In 2013, she was introduced by Chinese Academy of Sciences to lead the construction of the National Center for Protein Sciences. In 2014, she won the honor of "Outstanding Introduction Technological Talent Award of Chinese Academy of Sciences". In April 2015, the center was open to the whole country and carried out over 600 domestic and foreign projects. In 2017, she set up the CPMMR of Peking University and served as the director of the center. So far, she has totally published 68 papers on the journals of Science, Nature Method, Nature Communication and so on.